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Why Sika Sarnafil

  • You're an architect, an engineer or a building owner and you have a building to protect. The roofing or waterproofing solution you select must meet the demands of your specification without compromise - season after season, year after year.
  • What's more, the company behind that solution must have a track record of reliability and quality, proven on buildings like yours in your local climate.
  • Sika Sarnafil's systems, products and services are designed to precisely fit your local needs worldwide. With more than 45 years of roofing and waterproofing experience in locations all over the world, on buildings of all types and many diverse climates, Sika Sarnafil is the worldwide market leader in thermoplastic membrane technology.
  • If you value what takes place inside your building, introduce yourself to a company with a passion for what protects it. Sika Sarnafil is your source for roofing and waterproofing peace of mind.

Sika Sarnafil’s winning membrane formulation and quality installation result in a roof or waterproofing system that is:

  • Attractive Seven standard colors as well as the ability to create custom colors to match your design needs
  • Cost Effective Low life cycle costs, including reduced expenses for energy and maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Our reflective EnergySmart Roof cool colors are ENERGY STAR approved and proven to save thousands in cooling costs
  • Fire Resistant Does not contribute to the spread of the flames because of its inherent self-extinguishing properties
  • Reliable Engineered to withstand extreme environmental exposure throughout a long-lasting service life
  • Versatile Logos, colors, metal appearance and accessories make Sika Sarnafil able to meet any design challenge
  • Proven Time tested, independently rated. Close to 15 billion square feet of Sika Sarnafil membrane protect buildings around the world
  • Membrane Formulation
  • Milestone Management
  • Thermoplastic Advantage
  • Fire Performance
  • High Wind Performance
  • Oldest Roofs
  • Certified Polymer Thickness

              Membrane Formulation
  • In the roofing industry, claims of “new and improved” should certainly be cause for concern. Performance over time is the only true test of a roofing or waterproofing system’s quality. Sika Sarnafil’s successful membrane formulation has been time tested for more than 45 years.
  • Ever since full scale production of our thermoplastic membranes began in 1964, Sika Sarnafil has used the same basic formulation in its manufacturing processes. We developed a winning formula and have stood by it for four decades. Today, building owners are assured their Sika Sarnafil roof or waterproofing system will provide the same durability and reliability as it did years ago.

  Products for Sarnafil G476 Membrane

  • Sarnafil G476 waterproofing membrane is a  heat-weldable thermoplastic waterproofing and flashing membrane formulated with an integral fiberglass mat carrier sheet for dimensional stability. G476 is used in horizontal applications receiving overburden such as plaza decks, green roofs, planters, balconies, terraces and split slab applications. G476 waterproofing membrane is produced in a variety of lengths and a width of 6.56 ft (2 m).
 Products for Sarnafil G476 SA Membrane

  • Sarnafil G476 SA is a self-adhered composite sheet consisting of a reinforced thermoplastic waterproofing membrane and a foam backing coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be applied directly to a concrete substrate or other approved substrates. G476 SA is used in applications receiving overburden such as plaza decks, green roofs, planters, balconies, terraces and split slab applications. It is manufactured in 6.56 ft. (2 m) wide rolls with a 2.5 in (63.5 mm) selvedge on one side to accommodate heat welding of the seam.